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The tradition of wearing costumes dates back to the Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization, who flourished 3500 years before Christ and were centered around the Mediterranean Sea. They eventually settled in ” the land between the waters”. This area is now known as Iraq. In the days of ancient Iraq clothing was mainly made of wool. Skirts were worn by men and woman, some were made of sheep skin with the fleece still attached. Their hairstyle was normally a pony tail pulled back and held together by a fillet, another name for a headband, or totally bald headed because of the hot temperatures of the area.
To understand the history of costume you must first venture back in time and examine where the tradition originated. In ancient times it was customary for a man to wear a fringed skirt made of wool or in some cases linen. Today this would be regarded as a costume instead of customary. In ancient times normal garb could be considered costumes, as Ancient Kings and Queens adorned themselves in lavish dress with head pieces and large ornaments as status symbols. Tunics, loin cloths and wrap around skirts were common dress. Gorgeous bead net dresses were worn over wrap around garments. The focal point of these costumes would have to be the crowns. Falcon and Vulture head pieces, head pieces with cobras, and the most recognizable headdress, the Nemes.
As time passed costume centered around the Greek civilization. Doric Chitons, Ionic chitons, and Doric peplos were worn by woman. Men wore the Himations, Cloak and hat s , and Exomis. Which resemble a one shoulder dress or mini skirt dress off the shoulder today. It was the Byzantine empire’s wealthy class who took costumes to the next level, with the production of fine textiles. This empire has gone down in history as the most elaborate, extreme, and decorated civilization.
By gathering elements from Rome, the Orient and the Middle East the Byzantines came up with elaborate costumes adorned with embroidery that set their costumes apart from other civilizations. AS silk became a traded commodity it also became one of the empires guarded treasures.
It was the jesters and clowns of ancient times that wore their costumes as normal dress. It was a life style. They were employed by the hierarchy to dress as jesters and tell jokes for the entertainment of the European Monarch. They wore brightly colored clothes and elaborate hats with bells attached on three points to resemble donkey ears. The jester was also known to carry a mock sceptre and had a very distinctive laugh. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth ( 1558 – 1603 ) It was common for jester to be whipped if their behavior was deemed too severe. The tradition of court jesters came to end in Britain when King Charles I was over thrown in a civil war.
On the other end of the spectrum, the clown has been around since the fifth Dynasty of Egypt around 2400 BCE. Clowns served a totally different role in society and were around for socio-religious and psychological roles. An interesting fact is that the role of priest and clown was normally a role held by the same person. When the word clown is mentioned today, it is the character clown that comes to mind with the white face and torn, ragged clothing. This is a character that was created by Philip Astley in England in 1768 and was called the first circus clown. The circus clown was made popular by Billy Buttons who was a circus clown act that imitated a tailor trying to mount a horse. It was Joseph Grimaldi that made the clown exclusively theatrical in the late 1700′s through 1837. He crated the costumes that clowns wear today. the round extreme collar, long socks, pointed shoes that curl at the end, and fluffy sleeves.
Time has rendered the use of costumes for celebration, themed parties and the holiday called Halloween, originally known as All Hallows Eve.
This tradition began , according to some scholars, as a combination of incorporating pagan festivals with festivals honoring the dead. It has now become traditional to set bonfires, trick or treat, carve jack-o-lanterns, watch horror movies, visit haunted attractions, and of coarse the anticipated costume party.
The search for answers regarding Halloween have led back to Costumes Parties are a way of self expression that allows the party goers to come as they wish, dress in ways that are not questioned, reveal fantasies about how they see themselves and feel free. In today’s society it is no longer necessary to wait for Halloween to roll around in order to wear a costume. Stage Plays, Musical shows, Talent Competitions, and the like have given way to a whole new genre for wearing costumes.
Today there are an array of costumes that can be purchased to satisfy any imagination. You can choose to be an Ancient Pharaoh for a day, A bird, A fairy, a ghost, a vampire, a werewolf or Mother Nature Herself. You can fulfill a life long career goal for a day and choose to be an astronaut, a super hero, a doctor, a nurse, a professional athlete or cheerleader.
No matter where your imagination can take you there is a costume available to suit your needs. Costumes come in all sizes and can be light weight, or cover your entire body. Some costumes come with full facial masks and a full body costume. Then there are the costumes that are in categories all by themselves. Who would not want to become a fluffy bunny, a cuddly bear, a black and white panda bear, a frog or any other animal creature that as humans, wearing a costume would be the only way we could capture their essence. The most adorable of these types of costumes has to be the wispy tailed poodle costume. The poodle costume comes in so many different varieties, from the pink poodle costume for infants, to the grown up poodle costume for adults. The possibilities are endless.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Step back in time by accessorizing your Poodle Costume with all the makings of a night at the sock hop. Start with a retro styled wig tied back with a coordinating sash. Some may opt for a ponytail extension adorned with a colorful ribbon. Pigtails would look fabulous with this costume as well. You can choose a stuffed poodle to carry in your arms as a great accent. Traditional black and white loafers would be a lovely addition to the Poodle Costume. Short white bobbi socks were are the style in those laid back days and make for an ideal accessory now.

Measuring for Your Costume

It really is a dog’s life if you order the wrong size Poodle costume! This is one doggone mistake that you don’t have to make, though. You can easily take your measurements, including chest, waist and hips, as well as inseam and height, and compare those measurements to the product information listed with the costume that you want to buy. There is typically a size chart with each costume, and comparing your numbers to the numbers in the chart lets you see at a glance if you have the right size. You can wag your tail all the way through checkout since you know in advance that your costume fits!

Through the ages, people have worn costumes for various occasions and events. In recent times, people wear costumes to Halloween parties, masquerade balls, theme parties and promotional events or just for fun. The poodle costume, like other animal costumes, never goes out of fashion and is immensely popular with people of all age groups. Babies and infants look adorably cute in them. These lightweight costumes come in various sizes and in numerous patterns and styles to suit different tastes and requirements. There are poodle costumes that cover the entire body as well as ones that cover just the face and limbs. Keep browsing until you find the one that is just right for you this Halloween.

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